Thursday, March 4, 2010

Last Winter Vinyasa Class with Melina

Starting next week I will launch into Spring Vinyasa classes! I hope to see you at 8 Limbs or in Hawaii for the kick off. In the meantime, here is my last winter vinyasa class, I will hopefully make a You Tube video out of this one soon, as it's a great outline to follow for those days where you feel sluggish and need to wake up!

Last Winter Sequence:
Supported Pranayama with a bolster under your back.
Tadaka Mudra (*pg. 43 A.O.S.)
Bridge Flow (reach arms over head with spine on the ground, lift up to bridge on exhale)
Upper belly crunch (pg. 18)
Easy Twist (without letting your legs touch the ground)
Leg Lifts (pg. 31)
Knee to Nose (pg. 20)
Down Dog - Plank (repeat back and forth)
Vajrasana (pg. 49)
Uddiyana Bandha
Straddle/Horse with Kapala Bhati breath (repeat)
Flow 1:
Tadasana, side bend, tippie toe twist(pg. 14), Uttanasana, Plank, Cobra, Down Down (three breaths), Uttanasana, Tadasana (repeat several times)
Flow 2:
Parsva Utkatasana (revolved chair), Caturanga, Up Dog, Down Dog, Warrior One, Caturanga, Down Dog (hold 3 breaths)
Garduasana (eagle) Flow in and out
Warrior 2 (sink in and out 3 times), hold
Reverse Warrior 2 turns to Wide leg twist (pg. 99), side splits - other side!
Down Dog facing top of mat
Dhanurasana - take 10 breaths to complete the pose
Table Top - make circles with hips and shoulders
Ardha Matsyendrasana (twist)
Baddha Konasana
Supta Padangusthasana - lift head to knee variation
Happy Baby Pose
Anything else????
Savasana (:


*Art of Sequencing- Volume One can be purchased on my website:

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