Friday, April 23, 2010

The Five Elements

What's been on my mind teaching this week?
Answer: The five elements!

Earth: stability (great place to start any practice)
Water: emotion and feeling (drops us into the feminine receptive space)
Fire: transformation and digestion (what are you growing? transforming?)
Air: listening (to breath, this breath)
Space: expanding into witnessing consciousness (observe what is happening, become less reactive, more aware)

Try this theme using the elements and apply to the following postures at your own pace.

Siddhasana - meditation seat
Siddhasana - side bend *(pg. 54)
Extended Balasana - child's pose with arms reaching forward, then to the r/l
Gomukasana Prep for legs - continue into Aparighasana legs + reaching under the bed arms
Uddiyana bandha
Kapalabhati in Horse/straddle pose
Prasarita Padottanasana E (pg. 99)
Virabhdrasana 2 - into reverse warrior into Utthita Parsakonasana (pg. 43) - repeat
Prasaritta Padottasana in between
Sun Salutes:
Plank, side plank variation, up dog, down dog, lift one leg, open hip, lunge
Twisting chair, uttanasana, caturanga, up dog, down dog, flip dog, and end with warrior 1
Eagle variations
Eka pada galavasana - arm balance variation like eagle
Down dog
Sirsansa prep or full head stand
Ardha Maystendrasana - full bind
Abdominal work to center
Bridge with neck movement
Happy baby
Mysore style ending...enjoy!

*Pages in Art of Sequencing book:

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Anonymous said...

Hi Melina,
Thank you for maintaining such a thoughtful website. I really appreciate your willingness to share sequences and I am saving for your book at this moment! I have heard the voice of yoga for at least ten years, but it's only recently that I've found my ears. Thank you for your effort, I look forward to your words.

Houston, TX