Friday, October 1, 2010

Fall Insights with Melina Meza

After collaborating with Benjamin and Tamara at Esalen, I’m inspired to share with you some highlights from the workshops, so you too can be reflecting on what we found to be powerful tools that can highlight the interconnectedness between your yoga practice, spirit, and nature.

Questions from Tamara’s deepening your intuition class:
1.In this past year, where have your grown? In this coming year, what part of yourself do you wish to grow?

2.In the past year, how have you come into better health? In the coming year, where would you like to be more health conscious?

3.In the past year, what part of your body or mind healed? In the coming year, what would you like to heal?

A few tips from Benjamin’s ethics of permaculture class:
(Benjamin will be guest teaching at the Seattle Tilth in November)
•Earth Care. People Care. Fair share
•Work with nature (use gravity, native species sun, wind, etc.)
•The problem is an opportunity
•Make the least change for the greatest possible effect
•The yield of the system is theoretically unlimited
•Everything is connected

The Mahabhutas:
•Earth: Deepen your connection to the earth element with long savasanas and visualizing your prana moving from the bones of your feet up to your head.

•Water: Notice your relationship to water as your belly and organs rise and fall in the body.

•Fire: Feed your inner digestive fire by dropping your attention to the solar plexus. Healthy fire maintains digestion of food into nutrients.

•Air: Tune into your lungs as they expand and contract with deep inhalations and exhalations.

•Ether: Allow your physical and mental boundaries to soften. Notice what it feels like to drop fully into your space. Feel the mutually beneficial relationship between you and everything around you.

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