Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Pre-Order Your Copy of Art of Sequencing - Volume Two Seasonal Vinyasa

I am pleased to announce that my second book, Art of Sequencing - Volume Two Seasonal Vinyasa is on its way to the printing press. Order today and receive free shipping within the continental United States. You can expect to receive the book by the end of January, just in time to kick off your seasonal resolutions.

If you enjoyed the Art of Sequencing – Volume One, you will love the second volume, which is filled with new ideas on how to support you in enriching your experience of life by staying healthy in body, mind, and spirit.

$32.95 Pre-Order – Free Shipping

Art of Sequencing - Volume Two Seasonal Vinyasa introduces you to Ayurvedic daily routines, seasonal rituals, nutrition and mindfulness, and a broad range of practical Western lifestyle tips to help the modern yogi or health-minded individual reduce dis-ease and nurture a state of wellness. These are complemented by extensive yoga asana sections including twenty-five of my class sequences, applicable for all levels of skill and ability. To give context to these modern wellness offerings the book takes you on a journey into India's history and culture and explores Eastern philosophy. This thoughtful and insightful book celebrates the art and science of yoga as a way to rediscover the body’s innate wisdom and the vitality that comes from living in balance from season to season.

Table of Contents:
Chapter One: Roots of Yoga
Chapter Two: Seasons of Life
Chapter Three: Kriya Yoga
Chapter Four: Nutrition and Mindfulness
Chapter Five: An Introduction to Ayurveda
Chapter Six: Nature and the Four Seasons
Chapter Seven: Seasonal Vinyasa Yoga
Chapter Eight: Popular Asana Requests
Chapter Nine: Yoga at the Wall
About Melina Meza
Index of Sun Salutes and Modifications
Appendix: Recipes

Book Details:
The book includes over 450 asana photos and twenty-five unique asana sequences for beginners, intermediate, or advanced students and teachers. Art of Sequencing-Volume Two Seasonal Vinyasa is spiral bound, allowing for easy use during practice.

$32.95 Pre-Order – Free Shipping

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