Wednesday, May 25, 2011

YAMAS - Food for Thought

Here are a few examples of how to weave the yoga philosophy into your lifestyle and diet.

Ahimsa- Non-violence, reducing harm in thoughts, actions, and speech_____________

Example: Vegetarian, organic, cruelty-free, locally produced, prayer, and mindfulness

Satya- Truth, honesty______________________________________________________

Example: Asking the questions like: “Am I hungry or bored”, “Am I eating to distract myself”, “Is this good for me?”

Asteya- Non-stealing______________________________________________________

Example: Not taking the food from another’s plate or eating enough each day to not rob the body of nutrients

Brahmacharya- Appropriate use of one’s vital energy

Example: Moderation and learning what too much and too little food will do to you.

Aparigraha- Non-possessiveness_____________________________________________

Example: Learning to say “no” at a buffet line, stop eating when you no longer have hunger.

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