Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Equinox Flow Yoga Class

If you are looking for a fun detoxifying yoga class...try out this fun series I just taught to celebrate the Equinox!

The MAJOR emphasis is on creating an even four second inhale, pause , exhale, pause.

Seated Warm up:
Cross-legged meditation seat, continuous least eight, arm circles to open the ribs and lungs, and a seated lateral stretch.
Hands and Knees Series: Child's pose, hands and knees (table top), lower chest between thumbs, cobra, then back to child's pose. Eventually transition from Downward dog to Uttanasana to Tadasana.

Flow #1 repeat 4 times:
Tadasana, Uttanasana, Plank, Cobra, Downwarddog, Downward dog with right leg up, swing forward low lunge with arms up, switch legs, step to the top of the mat, Uttanasana, Tadasana.
Flow #2 repeat 4 times: Surya Namaskar B
Flow #3 repeat 4 times:
Same flow as #1 but add a twist to the low lunge...breathe a whole round of the breath in the low twisting lunge before releasing!
Flow #4 repeat 4 times:
Surya Namaskar B with Parsva Utkatasana (twisting chair) and twist after Warrior I, keep your back heel on the floor if possible.

Follow with a wide leg forward bend series (prasarita padottansana), Headstand, Ardha Matysendrasana, Setu Bandha (bridge), Sarvangasana (shoulder stand), abdominal work, Savasana.


~May others benefit from your detoxifying practice!

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