Monday, February 8, 2010

Winter Sequence - Valentine's Week "Feel the Love"

Namaste Yogi Friends,
Before I drive away to Mazama for the Yoga & Ski retreat, I wanted to leave you with a new yoga sequence for the week. I hope you feeling the love for your practice, life, and the ever changing nature surrounding you. Happy Valentine's Day (in advance). xxxxoxo m

Standing meditation (5-10 minutes)
Joint rotations
Horse (straddle seat) - flow to one side for High Runner's Lunge, then twist
Prasaritta Padottanasana (in between sides) head toward side splits
Downward Dog - flow with raising a leg on inhale, exhale bring knee to your nose
Shalabhasana variation - lift right arm and left leg, turn head, other side
Child's pose with toes tucked under
Surya Namaskar B with Revolved Chair pose and long Warrior One holds
Triangle pose with neck release/chest opener (p. 41)
Ardha Chandrasana w/block under hand, grab back foot variation
Downward Dog - Flip your dog
Bekasana (frog) or Ardha Dhaurasana (1/2 wheel) or both!
Child's Pose
Maricyasana (bind arms around bent front leg) into Vasisthasana flow then Dandasana
Purvottanasana (reverse table top)
Navasana - end up on your back
Bridge variations
Supta Padangusthasana with straight legs, head toward a twist
Happy Baby Pose
Releasing poses....Savasana

I'll be working on a few more You Tube Videos this weekend, stay tuned for asana sequences. More creative sequences can be found in my book, Art of Sequencing or Fall Vinyasa DVD.

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